NSYNC Member Joey Fatone Insists He Is Not 'Masked Singer' Rabbit

Joey Fatone insists he is not the rabbit on Fox's The Masked Singer, but said it still could be a different member of *NSYNC.

Fatone told PEOPLE Now he is not the masked singer on the show, although he understands why some people might think he is based on the clues the show gives.

"I think they're misleading people," Fatone said before the show hosts listed the clues.

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Before the singer performed on the show, the hints included "I've spent most of my life onstage but never alone," "I pop up here and I pop up there," "synchronized singing is my forte" and "you better believe the last mask standing is gonna be me." All of those clues point to the singer possibly being a member of Fatone's '90s boy band.

"I think what they're doing... is throwing people off," Fatone said.

Fatone want to admit that even he wants to tune into the next episode to find out who the rabbit and the other singers are.

The other PEOPLE Now host asked Fatone if it was possible the rabbit is another *NSYNC member or if he would even know.

"It possibly could be," Fatone said. "But the thing is, what are going to be the clues this week? ... I want to know what the clues are. If they gave it [away] that easy for somebody... why would they do that?"

At the end, the hosts bluntly asked Fatone if he has any idea who it is. "I do not," he quickly replied.

The rabbit appeared in the second episode of The Masked Singer, performing Ricky Martin's "Livin' la Vida Loca." After the episode aired, fans rushed to Twitter to guess the singer's identity. Many suggested it was Fatone, while others picked fellow *NSYNC members Lance Bass and J.C. Chasez. One fan even suggested it might be the Backstreet Boys' A.J. McClean.

So far, the hippo singer has been revealed to be football player Antonio Brown, and the pineapple singer was comedian Tommy Chong. Retired quarterback Terry Bradshaw was revealed to be the deer in week three.

The Masked Singer has been a big hit for FOX, and features Ken Jeong, Kenny McCarthy, Robin Thicke and Nicole Scherzinger as hosts. Nick Cannon is the host, and each contestant is supposed to be a well-known celebrity. At the end of each episode, a singer is eliminated based on results of a studio audience poll and the judge's scores.

According to TV By The Numbers, episode three drew 6.94 million total viewers and a 2.2 18-49 rating. The first episode ultimately earned 12.97 million viewers and a 4.2 18-49 rating when seven days of delayed viewing is included.


New episodes of The Masked Singer air Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET on FOX. The finale is scheduled for Wednesday, Feb. 6.

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