SDCC 2019: Kristen Bell Speaks out on 'The Good Place' Ending


SDCC 2019: Kristen Bell Speaks out on 'The Good Place' Ending

Mackenzie Standifer Reveals Cryptic Message After Ryan Edwards' 'Teen Mom' Arrest Episode

Mackenzie Standifer shared a rare and cryptic social media message in the wake of her husband's arrest being shown on Teen Mom OG.

Cafe Mom reports that the 21-year-old wedding planner took to her Instagram Story after her husband Ryan Edwards' recent arrest was discussed on the MTV reality series.

It was a quote from former British prime minister Margaret Thatcher that discussed fighting the same battle over and over again.

"You may have to fight a battle more than once to win it," the quote read.

Edwards has been through a rough year of legal struggles, with arrests and custody battles making headlines all year. Despite all this drama, Standifer seems to be supporting Edwards, who she just welcomed a child with.

"I have stuck by my husband through some of the darkest times imaginable. Have mistakes been made? Hell yes." Standifer recently wrote on Instagram. "Have they been accounted for, dealt with and resolved, yep. Why do I post pictures of my husband and myself? Because we do love each other. And that is real life. If you want to fault me for standing by my husband and sticking to my vows, then don't follow me."

Standifer and Edwards also recently quit the MTV reality series. The pair had repeatedly expressed their distaste for how they were portrayed and were not fond of the online backlash from viewers.


"What’s it like being on TV you may ask? Must be so glamorous, right?" Standifer wrote in a blog post while still on the show. "Let’s start from here. This is a very, very lonely life. It takes you to dark places and it forces you to find yourself and to define what you’re made of. It’s about showing the world the 'story' while knowingly opening yourself up to hatred and vile comments at your expense."

She added, "Another common misconception... that what is shown is what is 110 percent true. It's easy to believe that, but it’s not right," she wrote. "It’s easy to show the 'half truth' and portray it as whole. But that’s ok because regardless of what happens, whether right or wrong, you’re considered scum."