Dustin Lynch Overwhelmed by Invitation to Join Grand Ole Opry


Dustin Lynch Overwhelmed by Invitation to Join Grand Ole Opry

Jenelle Evans Blames Son's Foul Language on Her Mother

Jenelle Evans is taking offense to implications that she taught her son to curse.

Evans' 8-year-old son Jace was caught on camera calling his mom and step-father David Eason "pieces of s—" during the latest Teen Mom 2 episode.

The 26-year-old MTV personality took to Twitter on Saturday to blame Jace's potty mouth on her mother Barbara, who has primary custody of the boy.

"If Jace lived with me he wouldn’t have ever spoke those words about ANYONE," Evans wrote. "Thought me and my mom were actually building our relationship lately, and now it’s two steps back."

The situation in question stemmed from Jace's visit to Evans and Eason's home during his spring break from school. When he returned from the time away from Barbara, he told his grandmother that he had a less than stellar time.

“I missed you so much,” Jace told Barbara. “Mommy was being mean."

He claimed that Evans would not let him call his grandma and said she did not give him his medication for two days of the week because he was "fine." He then dished that Evans sent his 3-year-old half-brother Kaiser to daycare instead of taking him out on a boat with the rest of the family.

That is when Jace let some explicit language slip, to his guardians' displeasure.

“Mommy and David are pieces of s—,” Jace said, then spitting on the ground.

This the latest parenting dispute Evans and Eason have been caught up in as of late.

The family of Kaiser's father, Nathan Griffith, has accused Eason of abusing Kaiser, an accusation that Evans also had to hit back against. She did so in the form of a Father's Day post dedicated to show how much Kaiser loves his step-father.


"My kid is one of a kind that’s for sure!" Evans wrote. "When asked to make a #FathersDay gift the first person he thought of was David. He refused to make another gift for his biological dad. The impact my husband has had on my son has been truly remarkable. When others didn’t step up, David did. Sometimes all you do as a parent goes unnoticed until your child comes home with a sweet gift like this one from school. The bond between them will forever inseparable no matter what tries to come in-between them."

Teen Mom 2 airs Mondays at 9 p.m. ET on MTV.