Farrah Abraham Speaks out After Leaving Jail: 'I Chose This Life'

Farrah Abraham has taken to social media to combat inaccurate reports of her arrest.

On Wednesday morning, Abraham was taken into custody after an incident at the Beverly Hills Hotel in Los Angeles. She was reportedly charged with battery and trespassing, but insists that is not true.

She grabbed a screenshot of TMZ's report on the situation and uploaded it to Instagram with a fiery caption pushing back against the claims, while also noting her style in the moment.

"Looking great in [Pretty Little Thing] - No charges & no jail time, I chose this life and I handle being targeted as a public figure & public punching bag," Abraham wrote. "ALL is Fair In Farrah’s world. I will never believe the lies that people need to sell to make a dollar off me. Happy it’s all recorded and documented as I should never feel unsafe and be targeted at a hotel I’m staying at."

Abraham allegedly struck a hotel employee and was involved in a fierce argument. In the post, she lashed out at the hotel employee for committed unspecified "misconduct."

"The Beverly Hills hotel truly allowed misconduct by staff to a paying guest there’s no need for me or anyone else to be treated this way," she wrote.

She also took aim at police officers who she alleges sold information to TMZ.

"The Beverly Hills Police officers should stop having power trips and lying and selling stories to TMZ, while you let all of Beverly Hills be robbed, car break ins, stealing go on.," she wrote. "Focus on really protecting the public and doing good for Beverly Hills instead of creating made up problems."

This comment follows an earlier statement by representative Elizabeth Lloyd on Abraham's behalf.

"This situation has been blown out of proportion," Lloyd told PopCulture.com "Farrah has not been charged and was released this afternoon. A misunderstanding occurred and there was no battery or trespassing. Farrah is the hardest working individual I know and sets very high standards for herself."

Lloyd also attempted to push back on the recent portrayals of Abraham in the media to promote Abraham as an ambitious entrepreneur.

"She has been working on a number of deadlines for new projects and business ventures; she is immaculate in her work ethic and pushes herself harder than her team recommends sometimes," Lloyd said. "Farrah is a powerhouse and was having a business meeting in the hotel where the alleged incident happened. She is a very sweet and ambitious young woman who has been portrayed in a biased light on a reality television studios."


Though she was booked into jail on misdemeanor charges and released on $500 bail on Wednesday afternoon, it should be noted that prosecutors typically have 72 hours after an arrest to file charges after a suspect is booked into jail on allegations of a crime.

Abraham's Instagram statement has received more than 4,000 likes since it was posted on Wednesday night.