'Teen Mom' Husband Tyler Baltierra Says He's Not Headed to Rehab

After Tyler Baltierra revealed he feels "empty" and "alone" on social media earlier this week, concerned Teen Mom OG fans wondered if he would follow in wife Catelynn Lowell's steps and attend a rehab program to address his mental health issues.

That rumor gained more steam Thursday when his friend River Ceballos revealed on Radar Online's podcast Teen Mom Time that Baltierra "isn't opposed" to entering treatment.

“I definitely think it would be beneficial," Ceballos continued. "He does have a lot of unresolved issues from his past. Stuff he’s had to deal with — Catelynn, stuff at home, his father — that he’s had to put on the back burner. I could definitely see that in a good way. I think it would really help him.”

But Baltierra isn't packing his bags just yet, responding to the podcast on Twitter soon after it aired.

"I am not going to a rehab. I had a therapy appointment yesterday, I do Alpha Stim sessions & looking into EMDR therapy as well," he tweeted. "Also, looking into a 7 day holistic spiritual retreat to reconnect with myself. Everyone has been really sweet about this & I appreciate it."

Baltierra worried fans Monday when he tweeted, "Laying in bed next to my peacefully sleeping wife. I can hear my daughter snoozing away through the monitor in her room. My dog is cuddled up on the floor next to me…& yet I feel so empty…so alone."

The next morning, wife Lowell responded, "I am so sorry babe… I will do anything to help you… you are an amazing husband and father and are so caring, funny, and thoughtful…” she wrote. “Don’t let life bring you down because you are one strong man… I love you so much."

Lowell recently returned from her third stint in a mental health treatment center since November, when she revealed she was having suicidal thoughts. She has since returned with a PTSD diagnosis, and is still working on keeping herself in a good place, she revealed on the Voices For Change 2.0 podcast last month.

"Don't be ashamed, talk to somebody, and find a therapist you like, even if you have to go through three," Lowell urged listeners. "You can get through it and change as long as you are willing to put in the work. Remember that your past does not define you."


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Photo credit: Instagram/Tyler Baltierra