Is Teddi Mellencamp Keeping the Ladies of 'RHOBH' Accountable or Just Being Messy?

Teddi Mellencamp certainly is holding her fellow Real Housewives of Beverly Hills accountable, but not all of them appreciate her pro bono work.

The newcomer truly lived up to her accountability coach title during Tuesday's episode of the Bravo show during some rare on-camera time with Lisa Rinna.

While getting their nails done, Rinna revealed that she and Dorit Kemsley have been getting on better than ever after they let bygones be bygones in Las Vegas at the beginning of this season, putting to rest the feud that started when Kemsley accused Rinna of allowing people to do cocaine in her bathroom.

"You would have never expected us to be alone at a dinner table," Rinna tells Mellencamp of that time, mentioning she's been enjoying moving on from the issues. "I'm enjoying getting to know her on a level that is not aggressive and negative."

It's at this that Mellencamp begins to look uncomfortable.

"I feel like when I have a hard time is when someone thinks one thing but something else is going on," Mellencamp says in a confessional.

After admitting to Rinna that she feels "anxious" talking to her, Mellencamp reveals that she's witnessed Kemsley and her husband talk negatively about Rinna since the Vegas apology, even calling her "schizophrenic." The bathing suit designer previously called Mellencamp a "psycho" after an argument about etiquette exploded at PK's birthday party.

While Rinna says she still hopes to move on in her relationship with Kemsley, Mellencamp denies that she was dishing just to spill the pot, telling the producers, "It was just a pattern of so many things that I've seen from Dorit that led me to tell Lisa Rinna."

Rinna agrees to let things go, even including Kemsley in her end of the week invite for drinks.

Meanwhile, at Erika Girardi's home, Kemsley is complaining about her interactions with the new Housewife.

"Teddi needs to stop trying to be my accountability coach," she tells Girardi. "If I wanted one, I'd get one. And you know what they say about opinions."

So when the two meet face to face for the first time since Mellencamp's latest accountability exercise, things get a little messy.

"For whatever reason you think your hands are clean, but you don't realize you're starting fires," Kemsley says when Mellencamp tells her what she had said to Rinna.

The issue continues on to a group dinner with the rest of the Housewives.

"She thinks that she's not making a big mess that sort of ensues after she makes these throwaway comments," Kemsley says.

And while Rinna admits it was kind of curious that Mellencamp would bring up something Kemsley said three months prior in conversation, she doesn't think Mellencamp was trying to stir the pot intentionally.

"I do not think Teddi is trying to stir things up between me and Dorit," she says in a confessional. "She is just trying to do the right thing. But she is in a pool of sharks, and she's like a baby dolphin."


The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo.

Photo credit: Bravo