Kailyn Lowry Claps Back at Fan Telling Her to Get a Breast Reduction

Kailyn Lowry bumped back after some harsh followers barked about the size of her breasts — and fought over whether she has gone under the knife to get them.

The Teen Mom 2 cast member shared a photo on Wednesday of herself and castmate Leah Messer strapped into harnesses before skydiving on their Hawaiian vacation.

Followers wished them well ahead of their thrilling plunge, but many others focused on the size of Lowry’s breasts in her tight t-shirt.

“Dang Kail. Tig old bitties,” one follower wrote. Another added, “I think [Lowry’s] boob is as big as [Messer’s] head. #nooffense.”

“Lmfao my t—s are massive,” she joked alongside the picture to teasing fans, which admittedly accentuated her chest. Lowry also responded that she is interested in a breast reduction but is afraid of the surgery.

But when a follower harshly called out her “need” for a reduction “asap”, Lowry blasted the hater: “I know I need one but f— off anyway.”

She also shut down a follower who claimed she got implants: “She just got em done like that! I think about two years ago.”

“Ummm no I didn’t,” Lowry wrote. Others took to her defense, citing that Lowry had a baby seven months ago, which could impact the size of her chest. “I don’t understand why people think they can comment on others’ bodies. So rude,” wrote another supporter.

Lowry then shared a broader NSFW message to those who criticized her body.

“Y’all are so quick to scream my flaws. Like b— I see it myself so keep your mf comments to yourself.”

While Lowry’s breasts are au naturale, the reality TV personality admitted in January that she had scheduled to have extensive plastic surgery done in Miami, Florida, but she backed out at the last minute.


Instead of getting “lipo & a boob job,” she vowed to spend the money on a nutritionist and would go back to hitting the gym.

On her Hawaiian vacation, Lowry has spent much of her time clapping back at haters over her body, as well as the Teen Mom personalities’ decision to leave their kids at home for the trip. But despite the drama, she has posted several photos to show she is soaking up the sun and fun on her getaway with the girls.