'Teen Mom OG': Amber Portwood Pregnancy Test Is Positive

During Monday's episode of Teen Mom OG, Amber Portwood's pregnancy reveal finally aired. Portwood revealed in November that she is expecting a baby with Andrew Glennon.

Portwood and Glennon found out about the new baby while on vacation in Hawaii. The news was foreshadowed by Portwood packing a dress she thought looked like a maternity dress. She also got stuck in Los Angeles, where she got sick. She mentioned that she has not been this sick since her last pregnancy.

Portwood took a pregnancy test, and her shock was on display in the episode.

After Portwood mentioned that she was feeling tired, Glennon asked her if this was how she felt when she was pregnant with Leah. After saying yes, Portwood decided to take a pregnancy test.

While Glennon reads the box, Portwood went to the bathroom. After the test, Portwood yells, "Um, babe, oh s—!"

At the very end of the episode, Portwood came out and showed Glennon the positive pregnancy test. Following a montage, the camera focused on the test, revealing it was positive!

Portwood announced she was pregnant back in November, confirming the news in interviews with PEOPLE and Us Weekly.

“When I first found out, I was a little scared,” the 27-year-old Portwood told Us Weekly. "I just kind of sat down and thought about it and realized that it was a big step in my life and it was a good thing actually, and I was really happy within 30 minutes."

Portwood did not think she would ever give Leah a sibling. In an episode that aired last year, she said she would not have another kid after being re-diagnosed with Borderline Personality and Bipolar Disorder.

“I just got re-diagnosed for Borderline Personality and Bipolar Disorder, and I’ve been taking three medications now that I need to take for the rest of my life,” Portwood said at the time. “I can’t, I can’t get pregnant on this medication.”

Portwood has been a mainstay in the Teen Mom franchise since debuting on 16 & Pregnant. She had her first child, eight-year-old Leah, with ex-fiance Gary Shirley.

Portwood was later engaged to Matt Baier, but they broke off the engagement. The two tried to revive their relationship on Marriage Boot Camp, but it didn't work out. Instead, she met Glennon, who was a cinematographer on the show.

Glennon was first surprised about the pregnancy, but after the initial show, "it was nothing but happy thoughts." They are "both very happy," Portwood told Us Weekly.

Another scene in the episode showed Shirley and his wife deciding they need to adopt Leah because of her mother's behavior.

New episodes of Teen Mom OG air on MTV at 9 p.m. ET/8 p.m. CT.