Here's Why Fans Think Kylie Jenner's Having Twins

Kylie Jenner still hasn't confirmed that she's definitely having one baby, but some fans are already convinced she's expecting two. That's all because the 20-year-old has avoided posting pictures of herself below the shoulders on Instagram.

One particular photo posted on the Kylie Cosmetics Instagram page on Nov. 16 sent fans in a tizzy. It's an extreme close-up of Jenner's face, highlighting the "Blizzard from The Nice Palette, Frost Bite from holiday Wet Set, and Sugar Gloss from the Sugar Lip Set" she's wearing.

There's nothing in the photo about twins, pregnancy, expecting or babies, but some fans think it's evidence of two babies on the way for her.

"She can hide her belly but she can't hide her face this girl is pregnant with twins," one fan wrote, MTV notes. Another added, "Omg y’all can see this girl pregno her face never used to be like this."

Since that photo was posted, more close-ups of Jenner's face have surfaced on the Kylie Cosmetics page. Jenner also posted photos on Instagram in early October that showed her wearing a baggy shirt, jacket and sweatshirt. Each new photo she's posted sparks new speculation that she's hiding her pregnancy.

Rumors that Jenner and boyfriend Travis Scott are expecting began on Sept. 22. A few days later, it was reported that she's expecting a girl, although fans speculated in October that Jenner's expecting a boy.

Jenner herself hasn't confirmed that she's pregnant, but fans thought Scott did. After the rumors began, they noticed Scott tweeted, "Legit happiest day of my life" on June 12.

Photo: Instagram