Cheryl Burke Reveals How She and Terrell Owens Really Felt About Their Elimination

Cheryl Burke had a feeling she and former NFL receiver Terrell Owens' time was up on Dancing With The Stars last week. The pair made it to the quarterfinals and earned great scores throughout the season, but it wasn't enough to win the Mirror Ball Trophy.

"I had a feeling we were going to be eliminated but I’m glad we went out on a high note," Burke wrote in an essay for Us Weekly. "I thought Terrell did an amazing job with the Charleston and the trio rumba. Len said that Terrell was the most improved celebrity of the season. That comment made us feel like we already won."

During their trio rumba with Kelly Monaco, Burke told Owens she thought they would be eliminated and to prepare for the worst.

"Terrell nailed both of the dances but it’s still bittersweet; we felt like we had at least another week in us, but it is what it is," Burke wrote. "I think the Charleston was one of his best dances considering how fast it was, and learning the trio rumba was stressful throughout the week because of the height difference. Kelly is literally pocket-sized compared to Terrell."

Burke thought they did a great job with the first trio rumba in the show's history and loved dancing with her best friend, Monaco. Owens joked about taking Monaco out on a date if they got all 10s, but they only got all 8s.

Burke wrote that Owens got progressively better as the season went on.

"Terrell has been an amazing partner and improved so much this season," she wrote. "I couldn’t ask for anything more. We had a bumpy start in the beginning, and were on the bottom of the leaderboard, but he put in the work and it showed. I never thought we would make it as far as we did."

Burke revealed that she is now sick, so she isn't going to be able to appear on the show tonight. She thinks the final three contestants will be Jordan Fisher, Lindsey Stirling and Frankie Muniz. Considering Drew Scott's huge fanbase though, she wouldn't be surprised if he makes it.

"Terrell was an amazing partner and I definitely will keep in touch with him," Burke wrote. "We’ve developed a great relationship and friendship and I’ll always be there for him and vice versa."

DWTS airs on Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

Photo: Instagram/Terrell Owens