Tomi Lahren Blasts The Daily Show After Her Appearance On The Show

Conservative political commentator Tomi Lahren recently appeared on The Daily Show to face off with host Trevor Noah about her thoughts on Black Lives Matter, Donald Trump, and the KKK. With The Daily Show and its host's ideals leaning more towards the political left, the conversation was edited in a way to make Noah look like he dominated the conversation, which didn't make Lahren too happy. The commentator took to her own Facebook channel to tell her side of the story.

Without another person to slow her down, Lahren is able to unleash all of her thoughts as passionately as she likes about the experience. She commends herself for her bravery of appearing on a talk show on which she was invited to be a guest, but reminds anyone interested in criticizing her, that she is "fearless" and she is their "worst nightmare."

There's a lot to unpack in the video she posted on her Facebook, so it's just best to hear the words straight from the source's mouth in the video above.

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