Something Is Severely Wrong With This Holiday Family Photo

The holidays are a time to let others know how you truly feel, as well as an opportunity to reminisce with family and friends who you might not get to see much throughout the year. When one family attempted to squeeze 18 people into a photo to remember the occasion, the family dog got in on the photo-op, and from the looks of it, hopefully they weren't revealing their feelings of the occasion.

Yup, that's right, when you look closely, you can see the dog took the opportunity to defecate right in the middle of the photo. Upon first glance, it's unclear what the dog's posture denotes, but it could have possibly been a way of showing their "excitement" over the deal. Upon closer inspection, you see there's no mistaking what it's up to while the family remains oblivious.

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A user named "farteousMAXIMUS" posted the picture to Reddit, to the delight of many Redditors. Although the photo might seem to be straightforward, there are a lot of mysteries surrounding the photo. Who are these people? Did any of them notice what was happening? Is that why they're smiling? Who is user "farteousMAXIMUS"? Is it someone from the photo? Is it the dog? Did anyone tell the dog they were a "bad boy"?

If nothing else, let's hope that the family got a carpet cleaner for Christmas, as it looks like their white carpet just got ruined.

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