Racehorse Named 'Party Till Dawn' Tests Positive For Methamphetamines

In a classic example of chicken vs. egg, one must wonder which came first: a horse with the name "Party Till Dawn" or that horse testing positive for methamphetamines?

Following a regional race in Queensland in which Party Till Dawn took second place, a positive sample was returned from the five-year-old mare. The horse's trainer, Ben Currie, is due before the Queensland racing integrity commission for examination.

The only other horse to have tested positive for methamphetamines in that area was in October of last year, with a horse named "Island Tang." That horse's trainer, Cassandra Marsh, presented evidence that the positive test was a result of coming into contact with a handler who regularly used methamphetamines. An expert in the matter claimed “whilst unlikely, it was possible that there was a causal link” between the handler and positive test.

More and more samples have tested positive for methamphetamines lately, but not just in Australia. In fact, five horses were disqualified at a racetrack in Texas in just a three-month period.


Here's hoping the trainers will be served justice appropriately once all the facts are in the horses themselves can get the help they need in a 12-gallop program.

[H/T The Guardian]