Patti Smith Flubs Dylan's Lyrics During Nobel Prize Award Acceptance

Earlier this year, Bob Dylan became the first-ever musician to be awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature, based on his many years of poetic lyrics. The mysterious musician's response to winning the incredible achievement was to refuse its acceptance. In his honor, singer Patti Smith instead attended the award ceremony to accept on his behalf, and paid tribute to the folk singer by performing his song "A Hard Rain's Gonna Fall."

Maybe it was the pressure of the moment or maybe it was the emotional lyrics she was singing, but the famed singer had trouble getting through the song's second verse. The singer apologized and asked to give it another shot, admitting she was incredibly nervous. The crowd cheered her on, clearly understanding how difficult it must be to pay tribute to a legendary folk singer.

The decision to award Dylan in the first place has been highly contested, questioning the validity of whether or not a musician's lyrics should be considered literature. What do you think? Sound off in the comments!