Luke Perry Gushed Over '90210' Cast When Asked About Reboot

Ahead of his untimely death, actor Luke Perry gushed over the 90210 cast when asked about the upcoming reboot.

According to TMZ, during a 2018 Q&A at the Riverdale Convention in Chicago, Perry was asked about the possibility of a reboot, to which he replied with mixed emotions but praised his former co-stars.

Perry expressed that he would be open to it because he loves his former co-stars, but that his reluctance comes from series creator Aaron Spelling not being involved.

Spelling passed away in 2006 after suffering a stroke, which is tragically how Perry died this week.

Perry became a household name in the 1990s by starring as Dylan McKay on Beverly Hills, 90210. He exited the show for a few years but reappeared in the final season.

The actor revealed in a past interview, that when he was first cast to star as Dylan he was not planned to remain on the series for as long as he did.

"I was a guest star, and Aaron wanted to make me a regular. The studio didn't want to pick up the deal, and he used that instance to illustrate an important principle: He gets to pick who's on the show," he previously revealed to THR. He didn't want me to have to go in the room with the network, but he calmly looked at me and said, 'Go get 'em, kid.' "

"With other producers, you get hired; with Aaron, you were chosen. He watched the pilot and realized there was a note we weren't hitting. He wanted to create this fantasy world and have some dark ballast to pull it down," he went on to say, speaking about how his character evolved over time.

"So my character, Dylan, was a poor little rich kid — everybody thinks he's got everything going, and it's just not always that great — but he drove a cool car and had cool hair," Perry continued. "There was a running joke in the wardrobe department: People are going to be watching for the clothes. Get 'em upscale and get 'em trendy."

Following his time on Beverly Hills, 90210, Perry starred in a number of other TV and film projects, with the most recent being as Fred Andrews in The Cw's Riverdale, a live-action adaptation of Archie comics. His final film appearance will be in Quentin Tarantino's upcoming Manson Family murders film, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.


Photo credit: Getty Images