Leah Remini Challenges The Church Of Scientology To Make Good On Their Threats

Conflicts continue between Leah Remini and the Church of Scientology, an organization she was once a member of. In a new interview with Larry King, the former King of Queens star shows no fear about the extent the church is willing to go to reprimand her for leaving it behind.

Remini is doing the rounds to promote her upcoming series Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath, which explores Remini's 34 years with the church, as well as experiences from other former members.

During the interview with King, the anchor tries to warn her of what she's up against. He recites, “The church calls your reality show ‘a scripted, rehearsed, acted and dramatized work of fiction featuring liars who have, for a profit, been telling differing versions of the same false tales of abuse for years, many reviewed and discredited in courts of law,'” and adds, “They’re saying you have liars.”

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These bold claims clearly have no impact on Remini, who retorts, “Then they should sue us. It’s as simple as that.” Her time with the church and familiarity with their tactics must have empowered her, as she goes on to taunt, “This is not a group that is scared of a lawsuit. They’re a litigious group. If that were true, they would simply sue us. And I welcome them to do that.”

Regardless of any potential repercussions, it sounds like the actress is willing to deal with it, if it could potentially help someone, as she says, “What I’m not going to stand for is an organization with this kind of money to continue to do things like that and to bully people and to harass people and to defraud people out of their lives, their money, but more importantly their families.”

The full interview is currently available on Ora TV's website.


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