Josie Canseco and Tana Mongeau Link up After Model's Maxim Mexico Shoot Drops

Josie Canseco and Tana Mongeau were seen together out on the town in Los Angeles following [...]

Josie Canseco and Tana Mongeau were seen together out on the town in Los Angeles following Conseco's Maxim Mexico shoot. The two young influencers were caught outside of Saddle Ranch — a popular country-themed restaurant on the Sunset strip. When the two were spotted, they were immediately swarmed by cameras as onlookers were trying to get a perfect shot of the two.

In video of the moment, you can hear people shouting the girls' names as they exit the restaurant and head for a car waiting outside for them. Mongeau spoke to one of the videographers about how gorgeous her friend is in the new spread as she catches everyone up on what she's doing these days. She noted that she's "making millions" and "killing it" as she gears up for big things coming.

Recently, Conseco — the daughter of controversial MLB alum Jose Conseco — has been grabbing attention the past few years for her relationships with Logan Paul and Brody Jenner. However, she seems to be more than ready to step out of the shadow of her father as she gets serious with her modeling career and other creative endeavors. In regards to her Maxim shoot, the young model took charge and the results are stunning.

"This project has been in the works for some time now and I'm excited to share my first ever SELF directed/produced magazine issue for Maxim Mexico," Conseco wrote in on the gallery's captions. "Picked some of my favorite people to create this with and couldn't be more ecstatic about the outcome. We shot 3 different covers/stories that feel relevant to my life and who I am. Thank you to everyone involved."

In the series of photos she shared online, she showcased a series of outfits and looks, but did so by hand-selected the collaborators which allowed her to bring her vision to life. "I always wondered if it was normal to be one person yet also have 4 other personalities inside my mind," she said. "Sometimes it's fun to play a different role; put on some Rolling Stones and become that careless rock n roll girl."

She added, "I've always been easily influenced by music, so for this shoot, we played some songs that brought out those different characters I wanted to capture. We ranged from Lana Del Ray, to Marilyn Manson, to Daughter, Kehlani, even t.A,T.u. Sometimes I'm confident, sometimes I'm tough, sometimes I'm vulnerable, and sometimes I'm just Jos. I think I'm embracing our alter egos is one of the most exhilarating things we can do."