Jon Michael Hill Says Sherlock Is About To Get Wild This Year, Teases A Comet in Episode 100

Recently at the New York Comic-Con,'s Jim Viscardi caught up with Jon Michael Hill, star of the CBS' hit drama Elementary. The 31-year-old revealed that the next episodes of the show are going to be extremely wild, and he even hinted at a comet showing up in the 100th episode.

When asked if his character, Detective Marcus Bell, was constantly being surprised by the cases that the team is tasked with tackling, Hill said: "This season they manage to come up with some stuff that even the hardened New York detective is going to be surprised by."

Hill continued by saying, "Definitely in the first two episodes, and then the 100th episode we've been dealing with a comet possibly making its way towards earth. So it's like the biggest things you can imagine are challenging the team this year."

While at New York Comic-Con, Jon Michael Hill also talked about his character's relationship to Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson.

For fans of the popular books and the show, the lead character Sherlock operates in an entirely unorthodox manner. His eccentric antics have been the cause of many of the major conflicts throughout the storyline. Actor Jonny Lee Miller, who plays the role of Sherlock on Elementary, recently dished on what it was like to portray the iconic detective. To see what Miller had to say about his drug-addicted character go here.

The Elementary fans will also be getting a more in depth look at one of the other main characters this season, Aidan Quinn's Captain Gregson. Going off what Quinn told, it sounds like the audience might be getting a further look at Captain Gregson's personal life outside the office. Check out what Aidan Quinn (Captain Gregson) had to say about what the fans can expect to see from his character's journey.

Elementary is a modern version on the thrilling tale of Sherlock Homes, with the iconic detective living in New York City. The series stars Johnny Lee Miller as Sherlock Holmes, Lucy Liu as Dr. Joan Watson, Aidan Quinn as Captain Gregson, and Jon Michael Hill as Detective Marcus Bell.


The series first premiered on CBS back in 2012 and has been running for five seasons now. The producers on Elementary include Hill of Beans Productions, Timberman-Beverly Productions, and CBS Television Studios.

In addition to Elementary, Jon Michael Hill has can also be seen in films and television shows such as Standing 8, Eastbound & Down, Falling Overnight, and Detroit 1-8-7. Check out the full interview with Jon Michael hill in the video above.