Joely Fisher Is 'Inconsolable' Following Debbie Reynold's Death

As soon as news of her mother's hospitalization broke, the actress shared a stunning photo of the pair on the red carpet and wished her well. 

Joely Fisher has lost her mother and sister in the same week and is understandably "inconsolable." 

Shortly after Reynolds passed away at the age of 84, her daughter took to Twitter to publicly mourn the loss of the iconic actress and mother. 

"Some of the magic people have left the tribe...for the moment I am inconsolable..." she tweeted. 

"God speed mama," she wrote alongside the picture of them laughing together, enjoying a candid moment. 

Reynold's son Todd Fisher confirmed the heartbreaking news that their mother had passed away on Wednesday night, just one day after his sister, Carrie Fisher, had died. 

"She went to be with Carrie. In fact, those were the last words she spoke this morning," he shared. 

This story first appeared at Womanista.