'Growing Pains' Star Kirk Cameron Opens up About Alan Thicke's Death

Alan Thicke's unexpected passing has hit home and made waves across the world. The tributes that have been pouring out since the news broke earlier this week have been absolutely heartbreaking and have had us reaching for the tissues more than once.

But few tributes hit the heart harder than those coming from his TV family, his Growing Pains co-stars. His leading lady has shared her thoughts and feelings, and now Thicke's on-screen son, Kirk Cameron has spoken out to remember his TV Dad.

alan thicke and kirk cameron
(Photo: Facebook / Jamison Uhler)

"I remember thinking, 'Wow, this famous Canadian talk show host guy sounds different when he says words like, 'about' and 'aye,' but he's really nice and funny," Cameron told the Today show on Thursday, just two days after Thicke died suddenly from a heart attack at age 69.

According to ET, Cameron remembers thinking upon first meeting Thicke that he was going to be a "really cool dad" on Growing Pains.

Cameron recalled that even after the show ended, Thicke didn't walk away from his patriarchal duties.

"In an ever-changing world, my friendship with Alan was always a constant," he shared. "Meeting up with Alan, even after years had passed since we'd seen each other -- we'd just pick up the conversation where we'd left off."

He also drew parallels between Thicke's character on Growing Pains and the way he was in real life, saying, "Alan was just like that kind of man. Alan knew that time invested in his family, even more than his career, would be one of his greatest legacies."

To say we're getting all the feels wouldn't quite be accurate. We are still heartbroken over his loss, but it's incredibly touching to see everyone's kind words.

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