Georgia Teen Missing With Suspected Child Molester

A Georgia teen girl has been reported missing, and it’s likely that she is currently with a man suspected of child molestation. Clah Waskow, 15, was reported missing on Monday morning when her mother realized she wasn’t home. It’s believed that she is with 37-year-old Jason Johnson, the father of a friend of hers.

According to the Columbia County Sherriff’s Office, Johnson is likely driving a 1998 Ford Crown Victoria with a South Carolina license plate reading “KJV240”. A Georgia Amber alert was activated on Thursday.

Calah knows Johnson because he is the father of one of her more recent friends. However, according to the authorities, Johnson is wanted for alleged aggravated child molestation, child molestation, contributing to the delinquency of a minor, and for inciting a child for indecent purposes. As of Friday, no one knows the location of either person.

missing georgia teen
(Photo: Facebook / Peas In Their Pods)

Nora, Calah’s mother, said that after she noticed that her daughter wasn’t in her room, she called and texted her with no response. Only then did she contact the police. While the police follow up on their leads in the investigation, Nora’s family members, as well as many others who have reached out via social media, are out searching for Calah, with little success.

“Everybody’s out there,” Nora said. “I’m really, really just shocked at how many people are reaching out and helping us. On Facebook alone.”

Calah met Johnson’s daughter at a haunted house in July. The two became friends, and occasionally Johnson would come to Nora’s house to pick Calah up with his daughter. From what she could tell, he seemed like a normal man.

“It’s like I work up from a nightmare, and it’s been going on for the past few days ever since,” Nora said. “You read about these stories, you see these stories and you always this its’ somebody else. And my heart’s just broken, and I just want my little girl home safe.”

If anyone has any information about Calah’s location, you are advised to call the Columbia County Sherriff’s Office – 706-541-1044.


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