David Dobrik Just Transformed Himself Into an Old Man to Plug Dispo

David Dobrik just shocked his fans when he took to Instagram to show what 9 hours in a makeup chair can do to a person. The young entrepreneur showed off his new, older look in a post to plug his new invite-only app, Dispo. In the post, he shared a photo and a video that left jaws on the floor, including his.

The photo shows him sitting down, smiling while dressed a cardigan sweater and white button-down shirt with khaki pants. However, the video, Dobrik points out how "insane" the makeup is noting he's even wearing contacts to make it look decades older than his actual age, which is 24. "Everybody, it's me David. This is the most f—ing insane makeup I've ever worn in my entire life. Guys, look at this, even I'm wearing contacts to make me look older, like, it's so scary! I can't stop looking at it!" He captioned the photo, writing, "9 hours in the makeup chair to terrify my parents was definitely worth it hahaha."

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Several of his fans took to the comment section to share their thoughts on the post as well. One wrote, "I smell a new Vlog coming," while someone else said, "D— better start wearing sunscreen." Another comment highlighted the "wild" look. Dispo is a photo-sharing app that was founded by the YouTube star that is an invite-only platform that created a lot of unexpected buzz. In the video that was posted to YouTube, Dobrik shows himself as an old man as he cries looking at photos of himself in at a younger age, along with his friends. Towards the end, a young child runs out from around the corner while the two bond over looking at photos.

His posts comes just a week after former members of his Vlog Squad have come forward to say that the young YouTuber encouraged them to be apart of skits they weren't comfortable with — one even saying he felt like a "punching bag." Seth Francois is one who came forward and explained his dismay that "traumatized" him on H3 After Dark, one of the podcasts by H3H3's Ethan Klein. He talked about a prank where Dobrik tricked him into making out with Jason Nash — a 47-year-old comedian often used as a punchline in Donrik's gags.

Nik Keswani was another member of the Vlog Squad that left in 2018 after he claims he felt "worthless" being apart of the group. saying the "cult" like group used him "like a punching bag." Dobrik went from being one of the most beloved YouTubers on the internet to one of the most controversial as a result.