Chucky 7 Production Has Officially Started

Horror fans rejoice, it looks like the long-awaited addition to the Chucky franchise is finally happening.

For months, creator Don Mancini has been teasing the possible production of the film. He posted photos of the cast in front of the house from Curse of Chucky. He posted about the weather in Winnipeg where the previous films have been shot. But it was his latest tweet that made fans everywhere excited.

(Photo: Facebook / Chucky)

Yes, that is a production office for the currently titled Chucky 7. Though there has been little information available for the upcoming film, it’s likely that the key characters and actors are returning to their roles. For example, Fiona and Brad Dourif will be returning to their roles as Chucky and Nica. It’s also likely that Summer H. Howell, Jennifer Tilly, and Alex Vincent will be reprising their roles.

At the end of Curse of Chucky, Mancini added a post-credits scene that seemed to suggest that he wanted to link the previous three moviesBride of Chucky, Seed of Chucky, and Curse of Chucky – into one film. That connection is likely what this seventh movie is going to be about.

What would you like to see in the latest addition to the franchise?


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[H/T Bloody Disgusting]