Boyfriend Accidentally Buys Girlfriend 144 Pairs of Fuzzy Socks

One man is taking his “stocking stuffers” to a whole new level.

Jackson Wade Knight asked his girlfriend, Haven, what she wanted for Christmas and it was pretty simple: fuzzy socks.

According to Buzzfeed, the 18-year-old ordered a pack of 12 pairs of fuzzy socks and some jewelry for his main lady.

But he was in for a big surprise when the box arrived.

“There was a really large package,” he said. “Nothing I ordered should be that big,” Knight explained saying he only ordered a dozen pair of socks.

When he opened the box, he realized he had received 12 dozen pairs of fuzzy socks, totaling 144 pairs! Just like anyone else would, Knight checked his bank account right away to see if he had been charged for all those socks.

Luckily, only $27 was charged.

“So, everything was good on my end,” he said. “They just messed up the order. Just a happy accident.”

“The first thing I did was contact the company and see if it would be possible for me to return them, because that’s a lot of money worth of socks,” he explained. “But I called them a few days ago and they didn’t answer.”

“I know some people were saying I could make a mad profit off them, but I think I’d rather play Santa Claus and either give them to my friends and cousins or go bring them to a homeless shelter,” he said.


Needless to say, Haven was extremely happy.

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