XXXTentacion's Alleged Assault Victim Receives Windfall of Donations After His Death

XXXTentacion's death on Monday spurred a sudden influx of donations to his ex-girlfriend's GoFundMe page, helping with her medical bills after the rapper allegedly assaulted her.

XXXTentacion was shot to death in Deerfield Beach, Florida on Monday outside of a motorcycle dealership. At the time of his passing, the 20-year-old rapper was still awaiting trial for his alleged assault and imprisonment of his ex girlfriend, Geneva Ayala.

The campaign has raised $27,713 of its $25,000 goal at the time of thiswriting. It is unclear how much of that was a direct result of XXXTentacion's passing, though more than 100 of the most recent donations were made today. In all, 994 people have funded Ayala's call for help.

"There's two fractures in my left eye socket due to an aggressive hit, along with nose and jaw fractures," Ayala wrote on GoFundMe. The post is eerily clinical, with only one photo of her blackened eye and many others of her medical forms.

"Since these bones are fractured they're piercing into the back of my eyeball causing damage to an optical nerve and my eye itself. The left side of my face has lost some sensation, I cannot feel my upper lip on the left side, and same for my upper teeth on the left side."

"And as for my left eye's vision, it's diminishing as the days go by," she continued. "It's crucial I get the surgery otherwise my eyeball will die and the nerve connecting my lip/cheek and teeth will eventually die as well."

Ayala first created the page in October of 2016, just a few days after XXXTentacion was arrested for allegedly assaulting her. According to a report by the Miami New Times, the campaign got a huge boost in funding earlier this month when the publication did an extensive profile on the rapper. After the long-form interview went up on June 5, Ayala's campaign reportedly picked up $12,000 in just 24 hours.

His favorite thing was to just backhand my mouth," Ayala told the outlet. "That always left welts inside my lips." That is one of the least disturbing descriptions she gave of XXXTentacion's abuse.


The rapper himself denied all of Ayala's accusations. In June, he told the Times that he did not believe in feminism.

"Women may see or feel that they're belittled," he said, "but you're only belittled if you want to be belittled." As an example, he pointed out Hillary Clinton. "She ran [for president] and she wasn't killed for it. That says everything," he said.