Some XXXTentacion Fans Believe He's Still Alive

Reports emerged on June 18 that rapper XXXTentacion had been shot dead in his car, but some fans [...]

Reports emerged on June 18 that rapper XXXTentacion had been shot dead in his car, but some fans believe he's still alive.

According to The Sun, a video of the 20-year-old claiming that his death was faked began popping up online. Many presumed this meant that XXXTentacion — real name Jahseh Dwayne Onfroy — was still alive.

However, the video clip in question was soon found to be from an old Instagram Live video that he shot some time ago.

In addition to that aforementioned video clip, some fans have taken on other theories as to why they believe the "SAD!" rapper is not really dead. One of those theories heavily involves the notion that footage from the scene of the shooting does not depict XXXTentacion with a clock face-tattoo that he pictured to have on his left cheek.

"Hear me out X doesn't want to be disturbed cause his working on his new album, he had no tattoo on his face in the car," one fan wrote in a post that was shared along with some photos. "And he was also meant to be on house arrest...god I'm hoping his bs with us."

"Ok guys look the truth is I am 99.9% sure he's dead but 0.01% in me thinks he's still alive," another dedicated fan said. "It's because we never want him to leave and we love him so much that's why. He is at least better off than staying in this cruel toxic shitty world."

While there are a number of people who feel that XXXTentacion's death could be a misdirect, many others are taking to social media to mourn the controversial artist.

"RIP xxxtentacion, regardless of his controversial past, he did not deserve to die, especially so young," Tweeted YouTuber Ethan Dolan. "I respected him for preaching/spreading positivity and the lives he touched in a positive way. Gone too soon, so terrible. His music/art will live forever."

As has been widely reported, XXXTentacion was shot in Florida on Monday after a day of motorcycle shopping. He was later pronounced dead at an area hospital and police are on the search for the suspected shooters.