Social Media Responds to XXXTentacion Shooting

XXXTentacion is reportedly in unknown condition after being shot, and many have taken to mourn the rapper on social media.

"Prayers up to [XXXTentacion], everyone makes mistakes," one person tweeted. "Way too young & talented to die now."

"...Please pray for the man. [XXXTentacion,]" someone else said. "He's a fighter. He will get thru it. This man is a legend. He made me wanna do music...made me wanna feel alive."

"so xxxtentacion was shot...regardless of what he did in the past no one deserves to have their life taken from them," another person said. "let's hope for the best."

"I know XXXTentacion wasn't everyone's cup of tea but no one deserves to get shot. Sure X made some bad mistakes down the road, but to celebrate his death? WTF is wrong with people...," one other Twitter user tweeted. "Prays to [XXXTentacion.]"

Many of the polarized opinions on XXXTentacion — real name Jahseh Dwayne Onfroy — stem from his many legal troubles, including allegedly assaulting the woman pregnant with his child.

"If you're happy that young 20-year-Old rapper XXXTentacion has died, then you're sick and there's something wrong with you," one person commented.

"from what I've read xxxtentacion is still alive, he has been taken to a hospital as trauma alert," someone else clarified, adding, "Also for anybody making jokes about this please just stop, nothing about anybody potentially dying is funny at all."

According to reports, XXXTentacion was motorcycle shopping and was shot while leaving the dealership.

Witnesses on the scene of the shooting claimed that he was unresponsive and appeared to have no pulse.


According to TMZ, XXXTentacion was pronounced dead sometime before 2:40 pm ET.