XXXTentacion's Ex-Girlfriend Got Into Street Fight After His Vigil

Geneva Ayala, the embattled ex-girlfriend of XXXTentacion, was filmed in a street fight outside of the rapper's vigil on Tuesday night.

Ayala is the ex-girlfriend who XXXTentacion allegedly beat, imprisoned and tortured while she was pregnant with his child. The 20-year-old was awaiting a trial for those charges before his sudden murder on Monday afternoon.

Despite Ayala's legal battle with him, she still mourned XXXTentacion, and was deeply hurt when she was harassed at his vigil on Tuesday night.

Ayala has faced endless harassment from XXXTentacion's die-hard fan base. Even after his passing, it did not end. According to a report by the blast, the objects she brought to leave at the rapper's memorial after the vigil were burned right in front of her eyes by his fans.

After that, she was involved in a one-on-one fight in the parking lot. A video of the altercation was posted and then quickly deleted, though not before it went viral online. The video, published by The Blast, shows Ayala getting knocked to the ground and punched repeatedly by one girl, who holds her hair to ensure she can't get away. A crowd of other girls circle around them and taunt her.

See the video here.

Another clip, apparently from Ayala's Instagram Story, shows the inside of a car leaving the vigil, where Ayala wails in mourning and marvels that XXXTentacion's fans could be "so disrespectful."

Since the charges against XXXTentacion were first filed in 2016, his fans have not let Ayala be. She told reporters from The New Miami Times that her personal social media accounts have been hacked, and people pretending to be her continue posting often about XXXTentacion, circulating false information.

In addition, his fans have flooded her legitimate posts with reports, causing Instagram to disable her account. At one point, she created a GoFundMe account to help cover the medical costs she incurred from his alleged violence. However, XXXTentacion's fans reported that campaign as well until it was temporarily shut down.

Perhaps the most disturbing part of all was the real life harassment she has suffered. Ayala said that she XXXTentacion's fans recognized her while she was working at a local Dunkin Donuts. From then on, crowds of them filled the store every day, harassing her throughout her shift and then attempting to follow her home.


Two days after her ex-boyfriend's death, Ayala is still the subject of heated debates amongst XXXTentacion's die-hard fans online. However, the Times report helped stimulate a rush of donations to her re-instated GoFundMe account, and she reached her funding goal.