T-Pain Reveals How He Keeps Fans 'On Their Toes' While Touring (Exclusive)

T-Pain has been bringing the party on his Mansion in Wiscansin Party tour.

T-Pain is bringing the party this summer as he keeps the crowd going with fresh new takes on his classic hits 20 years after the debut of Back @ It. The "Buy U a Drank" artist, 39, opened up to PopCulture.com about how he keeps the summer fun flowing on his Mansion in Wiscansin Party tour – and how he feels about those viral videos of his killer dance moves. 

Kicking off his summer tour last month, T-Pain told PopCulture that he's been loving the connection with fans touring is bringing him. "Every show has been sold out and the crowds have been incredible," he gushed. "My favorite part has been just being out on the road and visiting cities that I don't always get to visit and meeting new people. When you are out on the road, you really get to connect with a lot more people than you would if you are just working alone in the studio, so that's been pretty cool."

2024 Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival

T-Pain performs during the 2024 Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival in Manchester Tennessee.

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Debuting "unexpected mashups" of his many hits is one surefire way to keep the energy high on stage. "Those are pretty fun to perform," T-Pain continued. "You know, next year is the 20th anniversary of my first album, so singing the same songs for 20 years is a long time. This makes it fresh for me and we like to keep the crowd on their toes."

The "Booty Wurk" artist's smooth dance moves have also been keeping fans hyped – even attracting viral attention on social media. "Ha! I have a few moves I pull out from time to time," T-Pain said of the recent response to his dancing. "The crazy thing is I've been dancing like that for years now, so I guess people are just finally paying attention to it."

"It really is all about just having the right playlist on, bringing the right energy, and you got yourself a good party," the rapper/singer continued. T-Pain's other key ingredient to a great party is keeping the drinks stocked – and the "Bartender" artist is teaming up with White Claw to "Grab Life by the Claw" this summer. 

"A party with no White Claw isn't a party," he told PopCulture, noting that the campaign's focus on embracing "togetherness and spontaneity" has been resonating with him throughout the tour. It's "extremely tough" to fit in time hanging with friends and family in addition to performing this summer, so T-Pain told PopCulture he'll be drinking a peach or strawberry White Claw when they do get the chance to get together. 

(Photo: Courtesy of White Claw)

Maximizing that togetherness means never having to stop the party to go get more drinks, which is why White Claw is rolling out The CLAW Cooler, a high-tech cooler that automatically detects when you need more White Claw and helps deliver more to your door. (Enter to win The CLAW Cooler here). For those who don't get their claws on a cooler, DoorDash is offering $0 delivery deals through July 7, 2024 – get more details here.

T-Pain told PopCulture his "number one party foul" is running out of drinks, which is why he's turning to the CLAW Cooler this summer. "You know that it actually texts you when you are running low? That is crazy to me," he said. "When I'm at a party, I'm talking to everyone and having a good time, so I don't really know if I'm running low on supplies .... this is going to help tremendously with that."