Skrillex Ordered to Pay Fan $1.6 Million After Allegedly Causing Fan's Stroke

Dubstep star Skrillex has reportedly been ordered to pay over $1 million to a fan who suffered a [...]

Dubstep star Skrillex has reportedly been ordered to pay over $1 million to a fan who suffered a stroke at one of his concerts.

Skrillex — whose real name is Sonny John Moore — was first taken to court in this lawsuit back in 2014. After years of deliberation, the jury has decided that Jennifer Fraissl is owed $4,525,402, according to a report by TMZ. Skrillex himself is personally responsible for at least $1.6 million of that.

The DJ reportedly pulled a stunt that Fraissl and her attorneys feel led to the stroke. During a show at The Belasco Theater in downtown Los Angeles, he jumped off of his DJ table in the middle of a set, landing on top of Fraissl and triggering her stroke.

The ill-fated stage dive was caught in a video published by TMZ. Skrillex's lawyer, Barry Thompson, did his best to use this to their advantage, claiming that the evidence "included video proof that [Skrillex] never made physical contact with Ms. Fraissl."

To Thomson, Fraissl's life after the stroke should also have factored into the jury's decision. In the years that the lawsuit dragged on, he noted Fraissl's active social life and adventurous lifestyle.

"Ms. Fraissl's active international travel schedule since her stroke seems unlikely for someone who suffered the type of mental and physical damages she and her attorney claimed," he stated.

Still, the jury sided with Fraissl. In addition to the money that Skrillex will pay personally, his touring company Lost Boys, is responsible for another $1.8 million. The Belasco Theater itself was held responsible for $450,000, while Fraissl herself was actually judged responsible for 15% of the damages.

Skrillex himself said that he was disappointed in the jury's decision. He told reporters from TMZ that safety was his number one concern during live performances.

"There is nothing more important to me than my fans and their safety at my shows — I want them to have fun and enjoy the music," he said.

Skrillex and Thompson are reportedly considering an appeal for the case, but they will need time. Meanwhile, the DJ may be trying to drum up funds as quickly as possible. He has some big shows planned throughout December of this year, including one in China, one in Thailand and one in Mexico. He has four scheduled for North America as well.