Selena Gomez's New Makeup-Free Selfie Has Fans Commenting Like Crazy

A new Instagram post from Selena Gomez has fans equal part happy and concerned. In a throwback photo dated May 4, 2008, Gomez is seen without makeup and looking somewhat melancholy. She captioned it “me, all the time,” and some commenters are interpreting the post to be in response to ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber's recent wedding.

“Be strong, to be honest [Bieber] is not even attractive, he is troubled and weak and burn out his talent needs help himself, you deserve so much better,” one fan wrote. “A woman's life does not revolve around man thanks next, Selena is a WONDERFUL woman I love you,” another said.

“He’s lost and has no respect. He’s too childish to be a good partner. He would’ve tortured your mind before and after,” a third fan opined. “You were set free from what was going to be a long nightmare. Live your life honestly, truthfully with love and care.”

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Me, all the time

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Bieber was married to Hailey Baldwin on September 30 in a wedding in Bluffton, South Carolina. The two were officially wed in a New York courthouse in 2018, but never held an actual ceremony for friends and family.

Gomez and Bieber had a long on-and-off again relationship. The two first started dating in December 2010. They were together until November 2012, broke up, then were back together, then broke up again. This happened several times between 2013-2015. In late 2017, the two were reportedly dating again, but they broke up for good in March 2018. Bieber and Baldwin were married just a few months later.

Other people didn’t interpret the post to be about Bieber at all.

“You’re such an inspiration Selena I truly adore you,” one fan said.

“You are so pure Selena. That's why i love you! Keep inspiring,” another wrote.


“Yes Ladies don't need the Make up all the time. Just Be You! You are beautiful as you are. Get out there and Sing and Dance. Just my thoughts,” a third person assured her.

Gomez is currently single after a brief romance with musician The Weeknd. The two moved in together in September 2017 but broke up one month later.