P.O.D.'s Marcos Curiel Comments on Possibility of New Album: 'We've Been Doing Some Writing' (Exclusive)

It's been three years since rap-metal masters P.O.D. dropped their most recent album, Circles, and fans have been desperate to know if the band has any plans to put out a new one anytime soon. The short answer to that question is... maybe. P.O.D. guitarist Marcos Curiel recently spoke with PopCulture.com and exclusively told us that the band has "been doing some writing." Curiel went on to say that they are "always working on new tunes" but cautiously added, "Now whether they make the cut (and) make a record, that's yet to be seen."

He added, "We're definitely keeping an open mind, working with different producers and we're really fond of the producers that did the Circles record. So we've been doing some writing and some production with them." While the time between Circles and now has been lengthy, it's actually not the longest the band has gone between albums. That designation would go to the time span between When Angels & Serpents Dance (2008) and Murdered Love (2012).

"Nothing is finished or done. It's just constantly throwing ideas around and just making an effort to work on new tunes," Curiel continued, then noting that COVID-19 quarantine was a factor in motivating the band to work on new music. "You know, we want to be ahead of the game so we're kind of not sitting down, just waiting for this pandemic to pass. We're kind of like, 'Well, let's write some tunes and if they turn into something cool, if they don't, we still have them.' They can always grow into something."

Curiel summed up the band's current approach by saying, "We're always working and we're just excited to get to jamming again, and hopefully start jamming in front of some real people." Notably, fans can catch the band jamming out this week, when streaming concert site Mandolin airs the second entry in P.O.D.'s Satellite Over Southtown streaming concert series. On May 13, the band launched a full play-through of their hit 2001 album Satellite, and on Thursday, May 27, they will stream a set dedicated to their breakout 1999 album, The Fundamental Elements of Southtown.


The shows were a "good opportunity" for the band "to connect" with their fans and "show them a little love," Curiel says. This won't be the last chance to catch the band playing, however, as on June 10, they will premiere a third performance set consisting of other hit songs from throughout their career (as well as some b-sides and tracks they rarely play live). The final two sets will kick off at 6 p.m. PT and will be available to stream for 48 hours afterward. Fans can get tickets here.