Ozzy Osbourne Death Rumors Are a Hoax, Despite Recent Illness

Ozzy Osbourne is not dead, despite a hoax that surfaced on social media. In fact, recent updates from his family on his health have been positive.

Back on Feb. 6, a site called The Weekly Observer claimed Osbourne died and his wife Sharon Osbourne issued a statement confirming it, notes Lead Stories.

"My best friend and the guy I was in love with. Oh God, I miss him," the fake statement read. "I don't think I'll ever get over this awful, awful pain. I don't know if I'll ever breathe or think normally again. I don't know how to survive anymore. I need help."

However, this is not one bit true. Osbourne did not die of pneumonia.

This is not the first time The Weekly Observer has published incorrect information. For example, one story published in November 2018 claimed Ringo Starr was hospitalized due to heart problems, but this was not true. In fact, the story even listed an incorrect age for Starr.

Sharon Osbourne announced on Feb. 6 that the former Black Sabbath singer was hospitalized for complications from the flu. A week before that announcement, Osbourne was forced to postone a tour of the U.K. and Europe after he was diagnosed with a "severe upper-respiratory infection which the doctor feels could develop into pneumonia."

"I'm completely devastated for having to postpone the European leg of my tour," Osbourne said in a personal statement late last month. "It just seems that since October everything I touch has turned to s—. First the staph infection in my thumb and now coming down with the flu and bronchitis. I want to apologize to all of my fans who have been so loyal over the years, my band, my crew and to Judas Priest for letting you all down. However, I promise the tour with Judas Priest will be completed. It's being rescheduled right now to start in September. Again, I apologize to everyone. God Bless. Love you all, Ozzy."

The Osbourne family shared positive updates during this past week, with Sharon Osbourne telling her The Talk co-hosts her husband is "doing great."

"He's out of ICU and he's doing great. He's breathing on his own," Sharon Osbourne said. "I just want to say a huge thank you to everybody that has reached out with good wishes. He is overcome by the response that he's had, and it's kind of bittersweet because he's overwhelmed with it, but he's sad too."

On Feb. 7, Osbourne's son Jack Osbourne told fans on Instagram his father is "doing much better."


Osbourne's most recent tweet is a get-well message to his former guitarist, Bernie Torme, whose family announced on Feb. 13 is "extremely ill" and in "intensive care."

Photo credit: Sergei Bobylev/TASS via Getty Images