Megan Thee Stallion Shares Ab Transformation Photos

Megan Thee Stallion truly skyrocketed to fame in 2020 after years of hustling, and the ultimate Hot Girl is not wasting her time in the limelight. Megan has built up quite an Instagram following — 19.7 million and counting — and she uses the social platform to promote her projects and perfect the art of the thirst trap. And, more often than not, those two things combine.

Megan posted about her latest endeavor, and it is an inspiration to anyone feeling a little lethargic after being cooped up in quarantine: getting abs. Megan posted a progress picture on her account, crediting the changes to hard work and hydration. "1 to Week 3, Hotties," she wrote. "1 thing that has helped me a lot Is drinking a gallon of water a day ! Tag me in your gallon pictures if you're doing [Hottie Boot Camp] with me."

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Since January, Megan has been posting a lot about her fitness journey on Instagram, letting her fans in on the Hottie Boot Camp plan. "So Hottie Bootcamp in my house is officially starting," she said in a video. "It's not necessarily a weight loss journey but a health journey. Y'all will be experiencing this with me every step of the way. Real healthy girl s— ..." Megan also has purged her home of "junk" and is working on eating healthier. "I like to snack and I like to eat whatever I want to eat," she explained. "And I just feel like lately, the things that I've been eating have been not so good for my body."

The "Body" rapper may be working on feeling better in her own skin, but she has long preached the importance being comfortable with yourself. "Sometimes people are really not comfortable enough with themselves, and I don't think they like to watch other people be comfortable with themselves," she said in GQ. "And I don't think they want anybody to teach other people how to be comfortable with themselves."


Ultimately, Megan wants women to be unapologetic about who they are, whether that is through their thirst traps or their creative projects. "You let the boys come up in here and talk about how they gon' run a train on all our friends and they want some head and they want to shoot everything up, and they want to do drugs," she said about the criticism around her song "WAP" in Rolling Stone. "Well, we should be able to go equally as hard. I don't want to hear none of that 'That's offensive!' or 'All she talk about is p—.'"Megan isn't afraid of the hate, either: "I know I'm striking a nerve that's pissing that one specific man off."