Is Mandy Moore Teasing a Return to Music Ahead of 'This Is Us' Finale?

The hit NBC tearjerker This Is Us is coming to an end and the cast has mixed feelings. Mandy Moore, '90s pop sensation responsible for "Candy," is preparing to say goodbye to her longtime beloved series character, Rebecca Pearson. It's a mix between how fans and viewers feel about the final "goodbye." But with Moore not having to commit to a longstanding TV series, fans of her music are hoping it means her return to recording hits. And if one watches her social media, she may be hinting at releasing new music in the near future.

In two separate videos on her Instagram page, Moore shared snippets of videos of her performing a brand-new song called "In Real Life." In one post, she is singing and dancing along to the finished track. Her husband, Taylor Goldsmith, is present in the videos. Goldsmith, who leads the bands Dawes, is in one of Moore's Instagram videos playing guitar alongside her.

"I don't think that I'm emotionally ready to accept that this is the end," she said in a TODAY show video about the show's end. "I know we have 18 more episodes. We haven't started shooting our final season yet, but this is the best job I've ever had and the fact that I won't be with this work family anymore, it's devastating. It's heartbreaking for us, too."

Moore has been back on the studio per recent reports. In an interview with the Associated Press, she spoke of her hopes for the next record, while working on Silver Landings. "I feel like we'll have this fully realized tour of music from 'Silver Landings' and music from my next record. That'll be out probably right around the same time as we tour next year, and we'll be able to bring Gus with us. So we'll have a bus with mom and dad and Gus and play music every night. It's the dream. It's going to be a fun year in 2022."