Madonna Underwear on Sale for $100K by Man Claiming He Once Dated Her

A man who claims he dated Madonna in the '90s is auctioning off a pair of underwear he says the Queen of Pop mailed him. He's hoping to get at least $100,000 for it.

Peter Shue told Inside Edition he dated Madonna when she lived in New York for about eight months. At the time, her big hit was "Take a Bow," which was released on 1994's Bedtime Stories.

Shue claims Madonna sent him the pair of underwear in 1994 as a gift. The package also included a personal note and a Polaroid picture of her then-new dog with the words "my new baby."

"Hi baby. I'm sending you a package for love and luck ... [including] the underwear you requested," the letter reads. It is signed "Love, M."

Shue and Madonna's relationship didn't last. He served 21 years in federal prison for a drug dealing charge. When he got out in 2015, he realized Madonna's underwear could be worth something.

"The starting bid's gonna be $100,000 so they're gonna take it from there," Shue said. "I can't give them to nobody. And I can't wear 'em, I don't wear no panties so I figured I might as well sell 'em."

The pair of underwear is part of a sale by, an auction site that focuses on rock memorabilia. It will go on sale on Jan. 3.

Madonna has spent part of 2017 trying to stop the site from selling her personal items, including a beak-up letter she wrote to rapper Tupac Shakur. According to a lawsuit, Madonna said former friend Darlene Lutz was behind the auction. In July, a Manhattan state Supreme Court judge ordered the site to pull 22 Madonna-related items from auction.

As part of the lawsuit, Madonna tried to stop the sale of the underwear. At first, she claimed in a September deposition that Lutz stole the panties. However, Madonna admitted that she sent the underwear to Shue and claims she wasn't sure if he got it, so she still owned it.

Shue previously told TMZ that if Madonna wants her underwear back, she'd have to win the auction herself.

Meanwhile, Page Six reported on Dec. 6 that Lutz is trying to get the lawsuit dismissed after it was determined that Madonna had no valid claim that the underwear still belonged to her.


"It's a business opportunity that I have to take advantage of," Shue told Inside Edition.

Photo credit: Facebook/ Madonna