Madison Beer Ends Concert After Frightening Incident With Alleged Gun in Audience

Singer Madison Beer cut her concert at the BottleRock festival in Napa, California short after a gun scare in the audience Saturday afternoon.

The 20-year-old was performing a cover of Radiohead's "Creep" when she suddenly stopped the song in the middle to talk with stagehands after she saw something in the crowd.

"What is going on? Yo, yo, everyone pay attention. What's going on?" she asked them, before she turned to her audience. She told her fans to back up, and video of the scene begins to shake.

It appears to show an older man in a green jacket walking around a part of the venue closed off near the front of the stage. People began to get scared and fled the scene.

Another video on social media shows police officers escorting the man away in handcuffs.

Napa Police told TMZ that police were responding to a "disturbance" and kicked the man out of the venue. No weapons were found at the scene and there was no threat to the community.

It is still not clear what the man did that scared Beer. However, her mother, Tracie Beer, later posted a long statement about the incident on her Instagram page.

"As a parent all you want to do is protect your children," Tracie wrote. "Is so disturbing to me that the world we’re living in has made us has feel the need to have to always be aware of our surroundings. Looking over your shoulder in public places such as a concert where you’d like to feel free & distress from life’s worries seems so sad to me... but this is the world we live in unfortunately."

Tracie added, "I wish there was a bubble I can put around my kids to shield them. Last nights scare truly was disturbing & unsettling. My thoughts, prays & love to anyone that was in the crowd."

Beer became a star in 2013 when Justin Bieber retweeted her YouTube cover of Etta James' "At Last." She released her first EP, As She Pleases, independently last year. She is now working on her first full-length studio album, which will include the single "Dear Society." She also collaborated with rapper Offset on the hit single "Hurts Like Hell," which was co-written by Charli XCX.


"I think that as much as I love being a role model for people, I try to make sure that it's very clear to everyone that I'm a human being — so if you want to aspire to be like me, when it comes to music or it comes to my work ethic, then that's great, and I think that's awesome," Beer told Paper Magazine in November. "But the line gets blurred for me when it's like — don't try to emulate everything I do, because I'm not a perfect person, and I make mistakes often."

Photo credit: Steve Jennings/WireImage/Getty Images