Lizzo Racked up Major Spotify Numbers in 2019, and She Has the Data to Prove It

2019 has truly been Lizzo's year. Between her song 'Truth Hurts' dominating the charts, an [...]

2019 has truly been Lizzo's year. Between her song "Truth Hurts" dominating the charts, an appearance in Hustlers, and countless, hilarious Twitter moments, she has really captured the hearts of many. And now, on Instagram, she's thanking those fans, whom she refers to as "Lizzbians," for supporting her music this year.

Weeks before the year is set to come to a close, Lizzo released a photo of her Spotify stats on Instagram. Based on the photo, the artist received over one billion streams and had over 60 million listeners. Additionally, she was listened to for over 50 million hours and was heard by listeners in 79 countries. In other words, people definitely tuned in to check out what Lizzo was all about.

"You mean to tell me there are at least 61.6 million lizzbians out there???" she captioned her Instagram post. "what a year, thank you. [Spotify]"

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Not only did Lizzo release her album, Cuz I Love You, in April, but her 2017 track, "Truth Hurts," really rose to popularity this year. Although she's caught a ton of attention recently for her catchy songs, the singer previously revealed to ELLE, published in September, that she thought about quitting music on the exact day that "Truth Hurts" was first released. She told the publication that she actually texted the song's producer to tell them about her feelings.

"I just felt like I was throwing music into the world and not even making a splash," she said. "A tree was falling in the forest and not making a sound, you know? I was crying in my room all day. I said, 'If I stop making music now, nobody would fucking care.'"

After her producer came to her house and gave her a pep talk, Lizzo felt as though she could keep going with her music.

"So I just made the decision to keep going as an artist," she continued. "And I'm so grateful I did, but it was by the skin of my teeth."

Elsewhere in the interview, Lizzo expressed that she's just grateful that she's been able to touch people with her artistry.

"If my next album doesn't do anything like this [one], and this was just a one-time thing, I'm going to be grateful," she told the publication. "And I'm also gonna have a fan base that I can tour on. I've been touring for a long time—why would that stop? I'm gonna continue to do that forever."