Liddy Clark Debuts Emotional New Song 'Floodzone' in Exclusive Premiere

Liddy Clark is exploring romances "built for failure" with her new single "Floodzone." The singer/songwriter, who has performed with superstars like Chris Stapleton and Scotty McCreery, drops the emotional new single on Friday, Oct. 14, but has the exclusive premiere, plus insight into Clark's latest musical journey. 

Clark revealed ahead of her single's premiere that "Floodzone" was one of the songs in her songwriting process that started with a title and grew into a vulnerable storytelling exercise comparing a turbulent relationship to a house built in a flood zone. "When you look back on it [the breakup] seems inevitable," she told PopCulture of the inspiration behind the song.

"We started this with one foot out the door/ Let our bodies do that talking and ignoring all our problems," Clark sings in the new song. She continues in the chorus, "Cause we knew what we were getting into/ Oh, we built this love like a home/ But we built it in a flood zone."

Clark explained to PopCulture that every song she writes includes a message she wants listeners to internalize, and for "Floodzone," she made sure to include a little bit of hope in the bridge. "Maybe if we let our guards down/ We can get to higher ground/ Cause oh, I wanna get to higher ground," she sings of the possibility of getting to a more "stable" place in a relationship.

Also releasing her singles "Led Myself On," "We Both Know," "Sorry Mom & Dad," "If There Was No Traffic in L.A.," "Wrapped Up in Roses" and "Made Me" over the past year, Clark told PopCulture that "Floodzone" will be her last single to be released before her upcoming album comes out. Clark is "super stoked" to get her full body of work out to her fans, but has loved the process of releasing her songs one by one. "It's really fun to play around and see exactly where each song finds its voice, finds its audience," she explained.


This month, Clark begins recording vocals on her second major project, a concept EP or album that she's thrilled to really dig into. "I've always loved a concept EP," she hinted. "Floodzone" drops Friday, Oct. 14 wherever you get your music. Pre-save the single here.