Juice WRLD Mourned by Zedd: 'A Reminder That Life Can Be Over Any Moment'

European record producer Zedd posted a tribute to Juice WRLD on Sunday following news of his [...]

European record producer Zedd posted a tribute to Juice WRLD on Sunday following news of his passing. Both artists are rising talents in the industry, and Zedd was devastated to see a colleague pass away so young. Like many, he took this as a tragic reminder of life's fragility.

Zed posted a tweet about Juice WRLD late on Sunday morning, just as the news of his passing was beginning to spread. According to a report by TMZ, Juice WRLD suffered a seizure in Midway Airport in Chicago, shortly after arriving home from California. The rapper was rushed to a nearby hospital and pronounced dead after arriving.

Zedd was horrorstruck by this news, as were so many others in the music industry. At 21-years-old, Juice WRLD was a talent on the rise, and a particularly sensitive one, preoccupied with mortality. Zedd hoped the industry would learn from his passing.

"Really shocked and sad to find out juice wrld passed away," he wrote, "and so young too... a reminder that life can be over any moment... be kind to one another."

Zedd never worked with Juice WRLD personally, although they did rise to prominence around the same time and work with similar people. Hailing from Germany, Zedd is known for making dubstep and house music with a classical skew, and for working with other pop artists. He has collaborated with singers like Selena Gomez, Ariana Grande and Kehlani, among others.

Juice WRLD was less than a week past his 21st birthday when he passed away on Sunday. The rapper was known for his melancholy mixture of modern punk rock with rap music, and for his skillful freestyle verses. He worked with artists like Travis Scott and Ellie Goulding in his time.

Many of these artists posted tributes to Juice WRLD on Sunday, as well as others he had not worked with. While his official cause of death was not specified, many of the messages hinted at his confessional lyrics about drug use, wondering what could have been done to get him help sooner.

"Heartbreaking... RIP [Juice WRLD]," wrote rapper Fabolous on Instagram. "You are 1 of my son Johan's favorite artist. He called me crying this morning. When your album dropped he made me check it out while i drove him to school & after i dropped him i ended up listening more & liking the project. Then looked you up online & saw how dope of a off the head freestyler you were. Saw so much talent in you & just was telling Herbo that recently. Truly sad we lost you so young. My condolences to your family & friends."