Iggy Azalea Blasts Flip-Flopping Critics of Her Support of Britney Spears Amid Conservatorship Battle

Rapper Iggy Azalea is defending herself after she was accused of not supporting Britney Spears [...]

Rapper Iggy Azalea is defending herself after she was accused of not supporting Britney Spears amid the singer's battle to free herself from a conservatorship overseen by her father, Jamie Spears. After Spears' dramatic testimony in court on June 23, Azalea pointed out that she has long been a supporter of Spears, whom she worked with on the 2015 song "Pretty Girls." Azalea, 31, accused Spears' team of searching her house and refusing to let Spears promote their single, which she blamed for the single's failure on the charts.

On Friday, a Twitter user included Azalea in a collage of artists they believed had not spoken out in support of Spears. An Azalea fan later retweeted this, pointing out that some criticized her years ago when she did speak out in support of Spears. "One, Iggy did speak about it and yall dragged her for it so it's weird now that y'all switched up. Secondly, Iggy has ALWAYS been a supporter of Britney so this was so unnecessary," the fan wrote.

Although Azalea was not tagged in the tweet, she still noticed it and cleared the air. "Right, I said her team wouldn't let her do promo and that they went through my house, etc and y'all said I was a hater," the "Fancy" rapper wrote. She later told another fan she was forced to sign a non-disclosure form and believes Jamie could sue her.

Azalea is "here to support someone in a way that's helpful and also mindful," she wrote, directing fans to Spears' own words. "If she needed me to speak on her behalf, That message has been delivered to her. Other than that - I'm good," Azalea continued. She went on to note that she did reach out to Spears and was not "supposed to be mindlessly telling you all whatever was happening because half of these people are just here for entertainment not to help." Azalea said she does care and offered up her voice if Spears needs it. "Leave me alone PLEASE," Azalea concluded.

Spears, 39, and Azalea worked together on "Pretty Girls" in 2014, and it was released as a single in May 2015. Although Spears performed the song during her Las Vegas residency show in 2015, it was not a monster hit. Azalea later suggested in a now-deleted tweet that the lack of promotion from Spears hurt it. "It's difficult to send a song up the charts without additional promo and TV performances etc. Unfortunately, I'm just featured," she wrote at the time, reports Entertainment Tonight. "I would have enjoyed performing it a lot, I think it got off to a powerful start. But you need content to compete in 2015."

Later, Azalea told Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live that Spears' team searched her house before she could work with the "Toxic" singer, notes E! News. "They came and checked my place to make sure I wasn't trying to stash anything weird and, like, get it to her or something...to make sure I wasn't a bad influence," Azalea claimed in 2016. "And I'm not. I passed the test!"

Spears has been under conservatorship since 2008. During a June 23 hearing, Spears spoke out about the conservatorship for the first time in years, asking the judge to end it. She told the court she has "lied" to the world when she says she is doing ok and is happy. "I thought just maybe I said that enough," Spears said. "Because I've been in denial. I've been in shock. I am traumatized. You know, fake it till you make it. But now I'm telling you the truth. OK? I'm not happy. I can't sleep. I'm so angry. It's insane. And I'm depressed. I cry every day."