Eminem Tweets out His Community Phone Number for Fans

Eminem has taken a giant leap of faith and posted his phone number online. The Grammy-winning [...]

Eminem has taken a giant leap of faith and posted his phone number online. The Grammy-winning rapper and would-be movie star tweeted out his phone number on Monday, along with a clip from the video for his 2000 song "Stan," as noticed by Vulture.

"'Dear Stan, I meant to write you sooner, but I just been busy text me,'" the tweet began, referencing lyrics from "Stan." The rapper, whose real name is Marshall Mathers, added, "I'll hit you back," along with a phone number. He also added hashtags for "#MMLP20" and "#DearSlim," as well as a link to a Community page, a new phone-based social media service. After opening up a page resembling an iPhone contacts listing, it gives the option to contact Eminem directly.

"Stan" was initially released in November of 2000 as the third single off of The Marshall Mathers LP. A collaboration with the British singer Dido, the song details a character named Stanley "Stan" Mitchell, who continually writes the rapper and grows increasingly angry over his lack of replies, eventually leading to a grisly murder-suicide. It was nominated for several awards and gave birth to the term 'stan,' a hybrid of stalker and fan to describe one's passionate obsession.

It's unclear what motivated Eminem to post the number. While the 20th anniversary of The Marshall Mathers LP just hit on Saturday, several celebrities have used social media to reach out to fans, as well as encouraging self-isolation wherever possible to help slow the spread of coronavirus. While both he and his daughter, Hailee Jade Mathers, have engaged in charitable endeavors throughout the pandemic, the rapper did recently confront a stalker who'd broken into his home outside Detroit, Michigan.

Back in April, Eminem made headlines after he donated 400 meals worth of his Shady Records-branded Mom's Spaghetti to frontline workers in two different Detroit hospitals. The meals were cooked at Union Joints in Clarkston, Michigan, which had previously teamed up with Eminem for a pop-up at the Shelter club back in December 2018. Paul Rosenberg, who manages the rapper, told Detroit News that more deliveries would continue when there were more employees available to help fill orders.