David Cook Teases 'December to Remember' Live Concert Event (Exclusive)

With live performances currently on hold during the pandemic, artists have had to stay creative while stuck at home this past year and rethink how they reach listeners. As some dive deep into songwriting amid a reflective time, others are going virtual with livestreaming becoming a brightened salvation for music lovers. One such artist making the most of the industry adjustment is singer-songwriter David Cook, who tells PopCulture.com exclusively what fans can expect with his upcoming Stage-It event, "December-to-Remember" on Dec. 19.

In a telephone conversation with PopCulture earlier this month, Cook, who has been hosting a number of Stage-It events this past year amid the pandemic lockdown, is excited about Saturday night's show. "The Stage-It shows have been a great lifeline this year," he said. "There is no substitution for live shows, but given where we're at in the world, those shows have been an awesome little reprieve and have allowed me to continue to cultivate that relationship with fans."

Cook adds how the shows have been really fun to host in this past year. "We did a Halloween show. We did a Christmas in July show and the kind of scene stuff is fun — stuff that I wouldn't normally do in a live setting," he said, promising fans will "enjoy" the event. "Oddly enough, it will have been a year — the day of that show, the holiday special on the 19th — a year from my last full band show."

While Cook won't be able to get the band together for this weekend's event, it will be "fun" and the American Idol alum will be playing not only the new singles, "Red Turns Blue" and "Strange World," but some tunes he "normally" wouldn't play. As for adding festive tracks to the Stage-It show, Cook admits he will "keep it traditional" on this one as he pulled out a few funnier Christmas tunes this past July during a summer concert session. "But now that I say that, people will expect that I'll probably just do funny stuff. But you never know," he laughed.

With the holidays just a week away, it might be too late for Cook to bring out a Christmas album, but has the 37-year-old ever given it a thought? "I was actually, having this conversation the other day. I kind of like to zig when everybody thinks I'm going to zag. I don't know if it's just like that weird remnant of counterculture from being a teenager or whatever it is. But I always think, I would love to do a Halloween record, for some reason. Because a lot of people are clamoring for Halloween music," he laughed. "[But] I don't know. I don't know if a Christmas record would ever happen or not. I've learned to never say never."


The "December-to-Remember" Stage-It event will livestream Saturday, Dec. 19 at 8 p.m. ET. For tickets, head to David's official website. Keep it locked to PopCulture.com for the latest in all things music, movies and entertainment!