Crazy Town Tour Van Destroyed in Crash With Moose

Vehicle accidents are tragically common among bands and musicians, who travel all across the world to perform concerts, and recently the rap-rock band Crazy Town was involved in a crash that saw their tour van get destroyed because of a moose. The band shared a post on Instagram on Halloween, revealing photos of the accident and explaining what happened, as well as how they are doing in the wake of the crash.

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"Just got out of the emergency room, by the grace of God we are all ok just cuts and bruises. We hit a moose on route 17 in Ontario Canada [Canadian flag emoji] last night," the captions read.

The band then wrote that they were "still planning to finish the tour #Sudbury tonight, and added, "#CrazyTownXFamily."

Many of their fans have since taken to the post to share their support, with one writing, "Dude I just saw this I’m glad that all of you are OK by the grace of God man, be safe bro."

"OH MY GOD!!! I’m so sorry!! Our Canadian moose don’t give a damn! You are so lucky!!!!!! They are massive and do lots of damage!!!" another user exclaimed.

"Damn, your car looks like a mess, it's a miracle that you all are alive! Please take some rest, and get well soon!" someone else wrote. "Oh man! You don't know how much happy I am to hear that you guys are ok! Get well soon!" one other fan offered.

A number of the band's peers also commented on the post, with Sugar Ray singer Mark McGrath writing, "Dude! Thank God everyone is ok...sending you guys a ton of love!
#ShowMustGoOn #Hardcore."

Falling in Reverse vocalist Ronnie Radke wrote, "Bless you man," while actress Soleil Moonfrye added, "Sending love your way."


In addition to the main post, the band also shared footage of the accident aftermath on an Instagram Stories thread, showing what happened when emergency responders arrived on the scene to provide assistance.

The bands still has about nine shows left on their current tour, wrapping up on Akron, Ohio on Nov. 11. At this time, there is no word on if any of the dates will be canceled or postponed, but it appears as if the band intends to stay on schedule.