Charlie Sheen Hands out Drugs in Lil Pump's New Music Video

While he hasn't done much acting in recent years, Charlie Sheen recently turned up to hand out drugs in Lil Pump's new music video.

The track is titled "Drug Addicts" and features Lil Pump rapping lines such as, "I've been smoking since I was eleven / I've been popping pills since I was seven," while boasting that his "whole gang" is "full of drug addicts."

In the accompanying music video, Sheen and Lil Pump play orderlies giving out drugs at a treatment facility that is somewhat reminiscent of the 2000 music video for Eminem's "The Real Slim Shady."

Lil Pump is most well-known for his hit track "Gucci Gang," which currently has over 400 million streams on Spotify and was hilariously parodied on Saturday Night Live as "Tucci Gang" — a reference to actor Stanley Tucci — with SNL cast member Pete Davidson playing the rapper in the digital clip.

He also featured on the song "Welcome to the Party" from the Deadpool 2 soundtrack, alongside DJ Diplo, rapper French Montana, and singer Zhavia Ward.

Believe it or not, this isn't the first time Sheen had found himself mixed up in the hip-hop world.

Back in 2011, "Ridin' (Dirty)" rapper Chamillionaire put out a track called "Charlie Sheen." Featured among the lyrics on that song were lines such as "keep two bad chicks on my team" — a reference to the adult film star "goddesses" Sheen dated many years ago — and "all I do is win, man, I'm on my Charlie Sheen" — a reference to the actor's bizarre interview where he coined the term "winning."

Following the release of the "Drug Addicts" music video, many took to social media to comment on the clip.

One fan joked that it was "tasteless" and "classless" and for those very reasons they "like it."

"The cost of their malpractice insurance must be absolutely insane," another person quipped.


As previously mentioned, Sheen has not done an abundance of acting work lately, but did recently express interest in seeing a Two and a Half Men revival happen.