Watch: Enthralled K-Pop Fans Freak out Outside the American Music Awards

Fans are already lined up outside the Microsoft Theater in LA for the 45th Annual American Music Awards tonight, but fans of the K-Pop group BTS might be more excited than anyone.

Billboard Host Kevan Kenney posted a live stream with the "BTS Army" outside the venue this afternoon, and found them to be an intense, passionate and loud fanbase.

The stream introduces fans from all across the country who travelled to LA just for BTS's performance tonight. Though the group has had a huge surge in popularity this year, chances to see them in the US are few and far between, and these fans were not about to miss out.

"BTS! BTS! BTS!" The predominately female crowd chanted — a band name that has a number of meanings, depending on who you ask and whether you're speaking Korean or English.

"You guys know they're performing DNA tonight?" Kenney asked the mob of fans, who answered with a collective "woo!"

"What does tonight mean for 'The Army?'" Kenney asked — referring to the nickname BTS fans have given themselves.

"It's just so much exposure for them. I'm so proud of them, they've come so far," someone answered out of the crowd.


Tonight will be BTS's TV performance debut, as well as the U.S. premiere of their single "DNA" from their latest EP, Love Yourself: Her.