Bow Wow Flips While on Tour With Omarion and Ashanti, Threatens to Quit

There's drama brewing on the Milliemum Tour. Bow Wow, born Shad Moss, is currently on the 2.0 version of the tour with Omarion, Yin Yang Twins, Ashanti, Pretty Ricky, Soulja Boy and more. But Bow Wow is apparently not happy. The Growing Up Hip Hop star took to Twitter in an extended rant following a stop in Greensboro Coliseum in Greensboro, North Carolina on Oct. 16 to share his upsetness. 

"Too much b----ing and complaining on this tour! I'm bussn [sic] cats asses EVERY NIGHT! Every night they try and complain and take something away from me! I give 1000% and yall know it! ATL I HOPE YALL SHOW TOGETHER! IMA BUSS YALL ASS FOR 45 mins straight! TRY ME," he wrote. 


He then threatened to leave the tour, adding in a separate tweet: "This might be my last show! I've had enough!" he also says he regrets agreeing to do the tour, to begin with, complaining he's been given minimal stage time. 

"Heres the truth!" he continued. "I do 15 min EVERY NIGHT! I can't even do my full songs. AND I STILL BE BUSTING FOLKS ASS! think the fans dont complain about my set being 15 mins? Only way I show up tonight if I do my full set! Straight up! He added: "I knew I shoulda waited this out. Shoulda rested up and did 2022 with my bro @chrisbrown."


It's unclear what caused Bow Wow's tirade. He was initially excited to do the tour when it was first announced in 2020.

This isn't the first shocking outburst that has happened during this leg of the tour. Recently, B2K's Fizz gave his bandmember Omarion a long-overdue apology for dating Omarion's ex, and the mother of his two children, Apryl Jones. Omarion told TMZ it wasn't expected but "appropriate." Jones and Fizz's scandalous relationship was a major storyline of contention on Love & Hip Hop Hollywood. While Omarion won't record any new music with the group he promises any ill will between him and Fizz is water under the bridge.