Blink-182 Could Reunite, Tom DeLonge Says

Many Blink-182 fans were heartbroken when the band parted ways with founding member Tom DeLonge, but now the punk rock icon says that there's a chance he could reunite with the band. During an interview with Rolling Stone, it was brought up that DeLonge recently posted a heartfelt message about the band. "I started blink-182 when I was 16 … It has given me every opportunity I have ever had, and gifted me some legendary friendships that I still have to this very day," he wrote.

When asked what brought on the sentimentality, DeLonge replied, "Well I think that particular one, I was going through old photos and saw some old photos and just felt like it. You know, I talk to Mark [Hoppus] and Travis [Barker] every so often. I just talked to Mark the other day, and I talk to Travis about every week or two. And you know, I was feeling a little sentimental, but there’s no hidden message there or anything. Everyone wants to know, 'Are you guys gonna play again?' Yeah, of course we are. We just gotta figure out the timing, how it works for everybody." DeLonge parted ways with Blink-182 in 2014, prompting Hoppus and Barker to reform the band without him, adding Alkaline Trio vocalist/guitarist Matt Skiba to round out the line-up.

DeLonge is still busy with his other band these days, explaining, "Right now Angels and Airwaves is on a roll. We’re getting ready to put out the best record we’ve ever made. So I’m really busy with that." Music is not the only thing on his metaphorical plate either. "I’ve got multiple film projects," he shared. "As you know To The Stars Academy is just booming, so I have all these priorities I’m responsible for, and I can’t just stop and go do a Blink 182 tour because it sounds fun. It’s a big thing. I gotta make time for it. So it’s kind of like. 'How do we plan it a year or two in advance?'"

Finally, Delonge commented on the coronavirus shutting down all tours and live shows, saying, "To see the whole concert industry get wiped out — and the film industry too — there's no productions going either it’s just wild wild thing. No one saw this coming. Shutting down the world? So many people are in so much pain or lost their jobs. I don’t know how any hotel, restaurant or salon, how any of these places are going to last. I just wish the government would step in and do more. I think they’re trying to, but I think they’re trying to attach all these weird stipulations on bills to bail out peoples problems, tying it to immigration if you want to [help] the restaurant industry, it’s just becoming politicized, and I really wish it wouldn’t be right now. I wish people would work together in a more harmonious way."