Bikers Rush To Rescue Bruce Springsteen After Motorcycle Malfunction

When Dan Barkalow saw a stranded biker on the side of the road in Freehold, NJ, he instinctively pulled over to offer his assistance. To his surprise, the motorcyclist needing a hand was none other than New Jersey's favorite son, Bruce Springsteen.

Along with two of his Freehold American Legion friends, Bob Grigs and Ryan Bailey, Barkalow was headed home from a Veteran's Day event, spotted someone having trouble with their Moto Guzzi motorcycle. When Barkalow realized who the motorist in need was, he said, "Hey, I think I know you."

When no one could get the bike started, Springsteen hopped on their bike to head to a local bar, where the rocker bought a round of drinks for his saviors and friends. Springsteen was raised in Freehold, so Barkalow reports they merely chatted about old Freehold bands and motorcycles as he waited for his ride.

Although now both Springsteen and Barkalow have great stories to tell about the camaraderie among bikers, we're sure that the singer wished his bike had taken a cue from his discography and was born to run a little more reliably.