Band Forced to Stop Concert Mid-Performance After Giant Screen Falls on Dancer

A horrific incident occurred during a concert in Hong Kong, during which a massive video screen fell and crushed dancers below. Footage of the shocking event that injured five people and left three hospitalized, recently emerged online. 

Boy band Mirror performed at the Hong Kong Coliseum on July 28 when one of the large video monitors above the stage collapsed on one of the dancers and knocked another over. TMZ reported that the collapse injured as many as three people, according to local media reports. 

There is currently no information on which of the group's 12 members was injured. Following the accident, the band's manager, Ahfa Wong, apologized on stage and canceled all upcoming shows, reported E! News.

Mirror's July 25 to August 6 concert series at the Hong Kong Coliseum has been plagued by accidents. Fans were concerned that the venue was not implementing safety measures for the musicians after a member of the band, Frankie Chan, fell off the stage while giving a speech on July 26. 

petition signed by over 13,000 fans urged organizers to take better care of performers following the event."All Hong Kong Mirror fans have been looking forward to Mirror's first concert for a long time," the petition reads, "but the day before it started, we were shocked to hear that a dancer was injured and admitted to the hospital."

"We now hope that the organizer will face up to the problem and ensure the safety of all performers (including Mirror's 12 members and all dancers)," it continued. As a result of the outrage, a fence was erected by the stage, and Frankie informed fans he was fine. 

After the incident, the 33-year-old singer took a selfie showing a tiny scrape on his left arm, as shown in a screenshot shared by a fan."Sorry for making everyone worried. I was too absorbed in my speech. I only scratched myself a bit. I'm a lucky man," he wrote at the time. 


Mirror was founded in 2018 through the reality talent show Good Night Show – King Maker on Hong Kong television channel ViuTV. Media outlets have described Mirror as "the new kings of Cantopop" and a "Cantopop phenomenon." They are credited with reviving the genre that had been gradually declining since the 2000s.

 Amidst political upheaval and the COVID-19 epidemic, the group is viewed as a "symbol of hope" in Hong Kong. South China Morning Post reporter Luisa Tam described Mirror as "the latest icon to represent Hong Kong pride," which the city had not seen since 2003 when Cantopop icons Leslie Cheung and Anita Mui died.